Seminar overview

Seminar title: The Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)
Date: July 9-11, 2014
Place: Graz, Austria
Organizers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas-Peter Fries   &   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Zilian


This is the seventh annual seminar on the XFEM following previous seminars in Braunschweig (2007, 2009, 2011), Aachen (2008, 2010), and Luxembourg (2013).

The extended finite element method (XFEM)

Standard numerical methods like the FEM and FVM are widely established in today's engineering practice. They are well-suited for the approximation of smooth solutions. However, in the real world, there is an infinite number of examples where field quantities do not behave smoothly but show jumps, kinks, singularities etc. For example in solids, stresses and strains are discontinuous along material interfaces and singular at crack tips. In fluids, pressure and density change rapidly near shocks and the velocity gradient can be extremely large in boundary layers.

In contrast to standard numerical methods, the XFEM enables the approximation of non-smooth solutions with optimal accuracy. This is achieved by a local enrichment of the approximation space such that the special solution properties are considered appropriately. The XFEM is in the focus of intensive research activities and is currently realized in commerical finite element software tools.

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