Time Wednesday
July 9, 2014
July 10, 2014
July 11, 2014
08:30-10:00 Basics of XFEM I
weighted residuals, enriched approximation
XFEM in solid mechanics I
bi-material problems, XFEM-variants
XFEM in solid mechanics IV
fracture mechanics, 3-D
10:30-12:00 Basics of XFEM II
properties of enriched approximations
XFEM in solid mechanics II
fracture mechanics, 2-D
XFEM in fluids & multi-physics
multi-phase flows, fluid-structure interaction
13:30-15:00 Implementation of XFEM
numerical integration, assembly, post-processing
XFEM in solid mechanics III
finite deformation, non-linear materials
Math. background of XFEM
partition-of-unity method, intrinsic XFEM
15:30-17:00 Tutorial A
implementation in MATLAB, 1-D: diffusion problem
Tutorial B
implementation in MATLAB, 2-D: inclusions & cracks
from 19:30 Social event    

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